San Francisco

Friday, July 07, 2017

My goal this summer is to see as much of America as possible. As you might have seen in my previous blog post , I had the chance to visit New York for the first time ever last month. This past weekend I was lucky enough to visit the West Coast and see one of the great wonders of the world: The Golden Gate Bridge.

When I was a teacher in France, one of the classroom activities included looking at a map of San Francisco and practicing giving directions from one monument to the next.Being a native English speaker allowed for me to know if the kids were pronouncing the directions correctly, but a part of me felt like a fraud teaching about a place that I had never visited.

So as a late Father's day gift, my family and I decided to head out for the 4th of July weekend for San Francisco. It was colder than I could have ever imagined; a chilly 60 degrees for the high meaning that I was forced to wear leggings and sweaters during the middle of summer. The people were eccentric and the hills were steeper than an treadmill on the highest setting. We went to Ghirardelli square every night (I'm pretty sure I will never look at hot fudge sundaes that same way again), walked down the piers, and transported ourselves into a different culture in Chinatown.

Overall, it was a great weekend trip that allowed for me to gain an appreciation for the diversity in America, and (for once) the fluctuation of Minnesota's weather. Until next time, I'll dream about my time at Pier 39 eating sourdoughs bread and clam chowder soup and watching the view of sea lions tanning at the bay.

Check out just a snippet of some of the pictures I took while in San Francisco! Not enough? Don't worry- there will be more pictures soon :)

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  1. For a travel lover like me this is good post, San Francisco is one place which have some good places to visit. I will visit it one day for sure. Thank you for sharing your experience with us


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