Snap Snap! Guess who's getting back into photography

Monday, July 10, 2017

Being back in the Twin Cities can have its perks. After my travels around the world, I have found myself even more inspired to reach for my dreams and to express my creativity. One of my favorite things is taking pictures of people. There's something about it that's so exhilarating. From prepping and looking at concepts, to shooting itself, and the editing process; I honestly couldn't be more in love with it. 
So when my friend (who also happens to be a pretty awesome model), Jessica, asked for me to take some pictures I couldn't help but say yes. Below are a couple of preview pictures from the shoot that we did. This is only one of the locations that we shot at during the day, but I couldn't be happier with how these photos turned out. If you're interested in having your pictures taken by a local Twin Cities photographer you can contact me at I'm excited to be back in the Cities and creating as much creative content as possible. 

Also, you should probably check out Jessica's page ( while you're at it. She has some awesome content and you might have seen her grace a runway or two lately. You definitely want to keep an eye on her because she is making a mark in the Twin Cities fashion community! 

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