Why I love the period tracker app

Monday, May 02, 2016

For many of us woman, periods can be something that we dread every month. Sometimes it creeps around and surprises us out of the blue in our white jeans while other times it comes at the crack of dawn. Almost always though this is one thing in common with these occurrences; the feeling of being unprepared. Of course, being in the 21st century has its perks. So I looked at ways on how to track my period. Yes, I could do it myself on a calendar the good old fashion way that American Girl tried to explain to me in the puberty book, but why not make life a bit easier and less complicated? After all there will be many complications throughout each period cycle as it is, so why not eliminate one less thing to worry about.

About the app

There are several different types of period tracker apps out there to get. The one that I have is literally called 'Period Tracker' (P Tracker on my phone for short). After downloading the app onto your phone you will be asked about your last period, an estimate of your cycles length, and the amount of days your typically get your period per month. Of course not everything is going to be accurate at first if you're going off of estimations. When you get your period that's when the tracking begins. Each month you'll select when you started and finished your period. Each day throughout the course of your period you can write down what your moods are, if you have a temperature, what the weather is, and your blood flow. When I first got the app in October of last year, I was under the notion that I was having periods on average of 5 to 6 days (which is fairly high). By tracking my period on the app , I was able to realize that on average my period lasts only 4 days rather than the 5 or 6 that I was under the notion of having each month.

So Sabrina what's so great about this app?

What makes this app unique is how it is tracked. Each month, the app will save the data of information on your previous period. As your time goes on using the app it will use this data to generate more accurate predictions of when your next period is. In addition- so that you don't have any surprises of any sorts- the app can sync your predicted periods to your calendar on your phone and notify you when you're about to have your period so that you don't wear those white pants to your family reunion. Of course the app has some flaws (it doesn't take into account your weight fluctuations) but overall I would say that it's pretty darn good and can predict your cycle for the next 6 months out. So farewell to the -'when did I last get my last period?' questions, and hello to the P tracker app, because I have one less thing to worry about now on my period.

Let me know if you also use this app or if you have other tricks/tips for periods!

Until next time,

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