10 lessons I learned from Kocktails with Khloe

Thursday, April 07, 2016

It looks like our TV screens will be a little less Kardashian filled with the announcement today that Kocktails with Khloe has been cancelled. Sure it comes to no surprise that the show had a short living but the concept of the show was groundbreaking. For the first time ever we saw celebrities for who they are. Each week it felt as if we were invited each Wednesday to Khloe's dinner party and we were there to witness it all- the bad, the good, and the downright awkward. Here are some of my favorite moments watching Kocktails with Khloe.

#1) When Jenna Marbles schooled everyone on white privilege 

Probably one of the most profound and deep conversations on the talk show, Jenna used the show as an opportunity to teach some of her fellow co-stars what white privilege means. * Insert Morgan Stewart Gasp here*

#2) Re-enacting twitter wars

By far the most entertaining segment of the show allowed for us 'normal people' to see that its not only us who think that twitter wars are ridiculous; celebs do too. Snoop dog going off on a rant made this Twitter re-enactment the best of them all. 

#3) When Jojo got real

 The singer explained on the show what her life was like for 6 years waiting for her contract to be over with, what we got was a humble reminder that sometimes life throws curve balls. 

#4) The best advice you could ever get about parenthood 

Enough said

#5) And we can't forget what Snooki had to say about parenthood

  As a woman this can be a struggle reminding ourselves that we are allowed to wear multiple hats at the same time. Props to Snookie and the show for having discussions such as these and reminding all women out there that they can be a mom and still follow their dreams. 

#6) When even Klhoe Kardashian revealed she has insecurities about her body 

It's a comforting reminder that even the women that we think have it all- admit that this always isn't the case. At least we all have one thing in common: we don't know what we would do without our trusty pair of Spanxs.

#7) That Kim Kardashian is gullible (and has terrible parenting advice)

When Kendall called Kim telling her she was pregnant we all received a harsh dose of reality about how parenting isn't always so glamorous- even for Kim Kardashian. 

#8) When Malika gave a lap dance to Scott and Tyga

 She made it rain and didn't give a damn while doing it. 

 #9) When Khloe flashed her boobs on TV

 Because only Khloe Kardashian would be comfortable enough to flash her boobies to her friends let alone the TV cameras and still look classy as f.

#10) When Scott played Fuck, Married, Killed

 I honestly don't know which part is best- the fact that he would kill Kim in a heartbeat or the fact that he referred to Kourtney as his 'girl'. Sigh.....

What was your favorite moment of the show? Will you miss watching Kocktails with Khloe or are you glad that are TVs have one less Kardashian on air?

Until next time!

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