5 essential tips in order to have fun at a Minnesota Twins Game

Thursday, April 28, 2016

For the majority of my life I have pretty much had a strong dislike in sports. I didn't understand the concept of how watching other people exercise could be fun. That was until last summer when my mother asked if my family and I wanted to go to a baseball game. We shrugged and said why not. It was the summer and trying out a new place to tan sounded pretty tempting to me (everyone has their motifs people). It wasn't till I actually understood half of what was going on that I realized that I enjoyed watching the game of baseball. So I kept on going to games- over 12 last summer in fact- and enjoyed myself every time. A year later, and four games and counting for this season, I have found myself having a routine for each game. Here are just a few tips on how to make each Minnesota Twins Game the best yet (and while staying on a budget friends).

#1) Bring food with you into the park

Yes, my sister has brought in peanuts to the park in order to just take pictures like this one
Compared to other baseball parks, Target Field allows you to bring in outside food. This means that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for overpriced food that you might not really want. As a vegetarian, it can be hard to find healthy and cheap food at the park (and who can blame them?). If you do have dietary restrictions or just want to save money, bringing in food to the park is a great idea. In order for food to be able to enter into the park it must be in a in a visible container and in a clear bag. Examples of dishes that I have brought in include a Chipotle style wrap, pasta with salmon,  salads, and lots and lots of popcorn. Reminder- if you want to stay hydrated bring an empty water bottle with and fill it up after you have passed security. 

#2) Bring cash

I made the mistake one night to only bring my card to a game and I payed a pretty penny for a drink. You know the guys in the bright green shirts that sell food to you right from their seat? There products are a dollar or two cheaper than if you pay at one of the vendors. Bring cash so that you can not only save money, but be able to watch the entire game without needing to stand up one time. 

#3) Check light rail deals

My sister and I during Student Night (=free light rail ticket with college ID)
Parking in downtown Minneapolis can be a game in itself. Instead, take the light rail (Blue, Green, or Red line) to Target Field. There are several stops that have parking lots and during week nights you can usually find discounted or free light rail tickets if you're going to the game. Remember that if you want to be able to enjoy the entirety of the game consider buying the six hour pass rather than the two hours pass. Enjoy as much of the game as you can people!

#4) Stay warm

Because we live in Minnesota, the weather can fluctuate throughout the season. Even if it was 70 degrees in the afternoon doesn't mean that it can't get cold at night. Instead, bring a blanket or dress in layers. If it happens to rain don't just assume that an umbrella will do at Target Field. These contraptions are banned at the park and cannot be opened during a game. So have your parkas ready folks. 

#5) Explore downtown afterwards

Many bars next to Target Field offer discounted drinks and food before and/or after a Twins game. If the hometown team wins- that means that you're in for a bigger treat. Regardless of if you go out before or afterwards to the game, it will get you hyped up for the next one and leave you reminiscing with others of baseball games past.

Are there any other tips that you have for going to a baseball game? Let me know in the comments below! Stay updated on my Twins pics by following my Instagram account! Until next time,

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