Photo Diary: New York, New York

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

 What better way to start off my journey back to American than visit New York City for the first time? I'll admit that I didn't know much about the Big Apple before arriving- but what a dream it was to finally visit this city! Pop culture definitely played an impact during my visit. It seemed as if every direction we went, I was walking onto the set of my favorite movie or TV show.

Finally, I was able to live out my Gossip Girl dreams and sit at the top of the Met steps, walk in Central Park like 27 dresses, and eat at Olive Garden in Times Square like Kimmy Schmidt. Everywhere we went there was something going on. A ballet company was creating a photo shoot, weddings bells were ringing left and right, and tourists were snapping away endlessly with their selfiie sticks.

What shocked me the most about my time in New York was my love for New Jersey. Now I know what you're thinking. Jersey, really? I know, but brace yourself. My TLC loving family wouldn't have understood my life choices if I hadn't visited Buddy's bakery in Holboken New Jersey. Little did I know that the city where Frank Sinatra was born would seem like an oasis a ferry ride away from the city.

New York was the city that made me feel as if all of my dreams could come true and has me excited for what the future has in store for me. Here's to dreaming about the city that never sleeps.

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