The Farewell Tour: Paris

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

One of my pet peeves in Paris is taking (and doing) super-touristy stuff, so excuse my lack of pictures in this section and the fact that pretty much everything I did in Paris during this leg of the journey was as toursity as one could get.

Being the Parisian obsessed person that I am, one trip to Paris to say goodbye wasn't enough (I'm boogie I know). My first goodbye to Paris was a couple days before I left for Barcelona. Since I had lived in Paris previously, I had more to say goodbye to , including its suburbs. Throughout the farewell tour in Paris I couldn't help but think about how much I had changed since my return to Paris in September. When I landed last fall there were still so many details that were left unknown. I hadn't received any word from my teachers, I was unaware of where I was going to live, and of course had general nerves about making friends.

There's a part of me that looks back at myself then and cant help but shake my head at how naive I was to come into France so blindly. Yet somehow, as if it were fate, I magically survived my year abroad and found myself unharmed and back in the city of lights saying goodbye to the country I love so dearly. Sure France has had its moments (I mean look at the election), but at the end of the day this is the country that has helped me develop and grow both in terms of education and profession.

Thanks to the teaching program in France I can now cross off one of my bucket list dreams: Living and working in France. What better way to commemorate my time here in the land of Liberty, Equality, and Justice than spend an afternoon in Versailles, walk the streets of Paris, and drink wine out of baby bottles.

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