The Farewell Tour: Bruges

Friday, June 16, 2017

If you think that Spain is the land of fried food than think again. Upon arriving into Bruges, Belgium my first and only mission throughout the entire trip was to eat as many fries as possible. In order for you to understand the amount of fries I consumed during this portion of the trip let me tell you about one of Bruges main attractions: the fry museum (also known as the Friten museum). This museum allows for guests to understand the history and origins of the potato, the production of fries, the distribution of fries, and facts about the consumption of fries. 

Of course my food-obsessed french fry loving self decided it would be best to smuggle in fries into the museum so that I could be eating fries while I read about the history of fries. Logical thinking right? A fun fact about Bruges: its not easy to find cheap food, hence why at the end of our third day I vowed to never eat fries again in my life. Don't worry though, I had fries the next day in Amsterdam because it would be wrong not to try fries with peanut sauce, but I digress. 

Bruges Belgium is a small town located about an hour train ride from Brussels. There are many things to do in Bruges that for some might seem quite perplexing. Several highlights from Bruges (including the fry museum of course) include the chocolate museum, a light museum, the blood of Jesus Christ (which you can generously see if you pay), and the infamous canals. This is a great destination for a weekend or day trip.

It should be noted (as stated above) that food and drink here can be rather expensive.  Meals for lunch range about 20 euros a person and more for dinner. Beer is cheaper than water and your sauces for fries can sometimes cost more than the fries themselves. My favorite meal? A red fruit beer from Delirium with fries and mayo. Just remember that the reason why your fries taste so good compared to other parts of the world is because they fry the potatoes with horse fat.

Until next time!

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