The Farewell Tour: Barcelona

Monday, June 12, 2017

If you have been following my travel journey then you know that I decided for my last leg of my journey to do a "farewell tour" of some of my favorite places in Europe. 

The tour consisted of going to the following cities: 
(1) Barcelona
(2) Montpellier
(3) Paris
(4) Bruges
(5) Amsterdam

I met up with some of my friends in Barcelona who were celebrating their recent achievements of graduating from college and a masters program. When I was asked to tag along I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to join. What better way to end my journey here in Europe than to say goodbye to some of my favorite cities? 

The first stop on our trip was Barcelona. In the last year I've had the privilege of visiting Barcelona three times. With its proximity to Montpellier, this Spanish oasis became another second-home to me. As I was walking through the streets of Barcelona I couldn't help but think how crazy it was that I had the ability to feel at home in so many places around the world. 

Within a year I had created favorite hot-spots, memories, and become an un-official tour guide for my friends to every tourist attraction.From Park Guelle to the Sagrada Familia, we ate our way tapas-by-tapas, around the city. It was a testimony to my personal in Barcelona a when I decided to go without data; something that I had grown accustom to in France. Suddenly I was forced out of my shell and had to use my oh-so-great Spanish speaking skills for directions to our Airbnb (that will be for a whole other story).  

Barcelona, naturally, will always feel like a dream that I never want to wake up from. The vibrant colors around the city, the upbeat music, and the over sized pitchers of Sangria make this bustling city a great destination to visit, no matter how long your trip might be.

Adios Barcelona! Until next time,

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