The Farewell Tour: Amsterdam

Sunday, June 18, 2017

If Venice and Boston had a baby it would probably be Amsterdam. With its numerous canals, brown bricked apartments, and quirky hipster styled nightlight Amsterdam was the perfect place to end the farewell tour. This was actually my first time in Amsterdam, and I found myself falling head over heals for this town. 

Though Amsterdam is considered to be a big metropolis, I found it to have similar small town vibes to that of Bruges. Like in Belgium, we found ourselves at quirky museums including the cheese museum, cow and prostitute museum. We also took in some history while we were in town (which I'll talk about in another blog post) and had the opportunity to see Anne Franks house. 

 Our stay in Amsterdam, a total of three days, consisted of a lot of walking and cultural immersion into the Danish lifestyle. For example one night we had the chance to see just how rowdy soccer fans can really get. Suddenly- out of no where- crowds of fans would emerge from tiny streets with cannons and bottles of beer in preparation for the nights soccer match. Even though the team had lost against Manchester, it was hard to tell with all the partying and screaming that was going on throughout the streets of Amsterdam till the early morning.

As we walked out of our hostel the next morning the town seemed as if it had faced a zombie apocalypse.  Bits and pieces of trash were left on the ground in every direction showing that human life had indeed passed by.

I wont go into much detail about the red light district or cannabis in Amsterdam (you can look that up for yourself) because I honestly believe that there is more to Amsterdam than just that. Yes, Amsterdam can be a bit of a party town, but during the day it is a town filled with a rich history, wonder, and culture that is brighter and more enticing than any red light window I've ever seen.

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