TAPIF LESSON: Saying Goodbye and a bit of Minnesota History

Monday, May 08, 2017

Having worked at three schools (and in various classrooms) throughout the school year meant that I didn't always get the opportunity to introduce myself. For a while I had been struggling to find something for the students to do for their last day of class. I had noticed before vacation that some of my 3emes (ages 11-12) really liked playing hang man when I did a lesson on beach vocabulary. 

I asked around to some of my other fellow assistants to see what other games I could play with the students that was interactive like hang man. The consensus: pictionary. For the last lesson I taught the kids a bit about Minnesota and made them watch a rap created by National Geographic Kids (which has a video for each state if you're interested on showing your classroom). After the kids learned a bit about the vocabulary on Minnesota from my presentation and the video we played pioctionary with the new vocab they had learned during the lesson and throughout the school year with me. This was a great way for the kids to test out their memory not only for this lesson, but also for previous lessons and work on pronouncing words in English. If you want to make the game extra hard: give your students bonus points if they can correctly spell out the drawing on the board. 

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