How I on accident missed my last day of work with TAPIF

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

You might have noticed that I am a big fan of traveling, especially when it comes to day trips. You really don't have to plan too much in advanced for them. You just need to have a mode of transportation, some food, a camera, money and go! Oh so I thought

Our destination was Andorra. Located right in between the boarder of France and Spain, this small country is known as a great day trip to buy tax free goods and some great scenery. Many of my friends had recommended going to Andorra because of its proximity to Montpellier, so when my friends and I contemplated on what we should do for out last Wednesday together as a group going to another country sounded like a perfect idea. Or so we thought...
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There were a lot of factors that we (mostly me) should have thought of before heading to Andorra. The first being the weather. I, being the special person that I am, wore a tank top and sandals because I was under the impression that the weather in Andorra would be warmer than that in Montpellier (after all, it is closer to the boarder of Spain so you would think so). As we drove up higher into the mountains I immediately began to regret my choice of footwear when it began raining. 


Flash forwarded to ending the day in Andorra. We had just finished eating some tapas and attempting to speak in Catalan/Spanish ( I honestly couldn't tell you the difference) when we got word that a storm was coming and that we had to hurry before the boarder closed to get back into France. Suddenly, what was supposed to be a 15 minute drive doubled because of the snow and minutes later we began searching for a hotel when we realized it was too dangerous to leave Andorra and there was no way to get into France. 

We watched in our hotel room as the storm progressed and were in disbelief that somehow we were stuck in a foreign country, in a snow storm, at the end of April. We had no phone chargers, little cash, and I even had no reception (due to the storm). We were sure our colleagues and loved ones wouldn't believe our fate when we told them the truth. Fortunately, we can laugh at our situation now that its over and learn the importance of looking at the weather (and wearing proper shoes). 

Until next time, 

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