Best vegetarian friendly restaurants in Montpellier

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Living in a new town can be fun, especially if you're a major foodie like myself. Throughout my time in Montpellier France, I had the opportunity and luxury to try out many restaurants within the city and now I'm sharing some of my favorite restaurants with you guys. Here is the list of my favorite vegetarian friendly hot spots in Montpellier France. 

Best Veggie Burgers: 

Winner- Beehive: Unlike other restaurants in Montpellier, Beehive serves actually veggie burgers (which I presume are homemade) rather than simple bio patties. This English inspired restaurant serves food throughout the day (which is rare in this town) and includes fries and coleslaw. 

Honorable Mentions: Grand Slam Burger and Burger N'CO . These two receive honorable mentions because they have several vegetarian burger options on their menus. Burgers are sold separately at both restaurants and patties are 

Best vegan friendly place: 

Winner- Happy Joy Yoga: This place (which you can read my review on the blog) produces strictly vegan food for its customers. Decorated like a tropical paradise, this restaurant serves savory brunches and some mean salads. Though I'm not always a big fan of vegetarian/ vegan restaurants for their expensive prices and hipster like atmosphere, this restaurant really does feel like you have been transported into a spa-like trance. With their fresh juices and home made products (as well as yoga studio attached to the restaurant), you are sure to have a great time here at Happy Joy Yoga.

Honorable Mention: Cold Drip Coffee. This restaurant has a similar price range as Happy Joy Yoga but doesn't have as wide of a menu or paradise-like atmosphere.

Best Pizza:

Winner: Pizza Sicilia . This pizza place has almost too many awesome options to choose from. This Italian styled pizza place will definitely be leaving you feeling happy and stuffed for the rest of the night. If you aren't a big fan of pizza don't worry- this place also makes killer pasta and salads which are to die for. Be sure to be ready to spend as this restaurant is on the chere side.

Honorable Mentions: Yams for their white sauce and goat cheese pizza.

Best Kebab

Image result for kebab montpellier oasis

Winner- Oasis: Compared to many other kebab places in the city (which there are many), this joint sells vegetarian friendly food including falafel and cheese paninis. In case you get bored while you're waiting you can get some free mint tea and watch TV in one of the rooms.

Best taco place: 

Winner: Maria Cantina I'll admit and tell you now that there aren't many Mexican restaurants here in Montpellier.  Though you might see restaurants that sell tacos with little men wearing sombreros, these restaurants in fact do not sell anything remotely close to tacos. Fortunately there is one fabulous taco restaurant here in Montpellier that will crush any Chipotle cravings. Yes please

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