That moment when TAPIF is over

Friday, May 12, 2017

I've been getting pretty sentimental lately on this blog about the end of TAPIF.  It seems like it was only yesterday that I received my arrete de nomination saying that I was going to be moving to Montpelllier, France.
I'll be honest and tell you that I didn't do much research about Montpellier France when it came to selecting a desired Academy for TAPIF. A part of me desired to go back to my second home to Paris again. Fortunately, I listened to the little voice inside that was nudging me to try something new and live in the South of France.

A lot of things have changed since I packed up my black and yellow suitcase towards the country of cheese and wine. As sappy as it might sound, I've grown from this experience and wouldn't take back the last 7 months in a heartbeat. I'll admit that there were a lot of ups and downs on this journey. I was very naive at times and had to learn quickly about what it meant to be an adult abroad, miles away from friends and family,


There are many 'firsts' that I accomplished here in Montpellier. I got my first apartment and learned what it truly meant to live by myself away from the comfort of my parents. This included doing adult things such as budgeting for rent, food, cleaning supplies, and other mishaps (which there were many) along the way. Along with my first apartment came new faces that I can now call my friends. After 7 months I can now understand a bit of German thanks to my two room mates and even made French friends along the way thanks to my neighbors.

Like many people on the first day of school, I questioned myself if I would truly make friends in Montpellier. Even though there were language and cultural barriers the group of assistants in Montpellier magically became a close nit group that would go to karaoke nights on Wednesdays, themed parties on Fridays, and Sundays at the beach.

Thanks to this experience I not only have made Montpellier another home, but have created lifelong friends from around the world. From karaoke nights with the Italians, to bro-ing it up with a rad Canadian, learning about Yemen, being mildly capable of understanding German jokes, and learning from two special British people how to 'profite' each day; I wouldn't want to change a thing.
You see, even though I might have complained about Montpellier at times (and even considered leaving early) these people  made this experience unforgettable.

Teaching also gave me the opportunity, especially in Montpellier, to appreciate different cultures and to receive the opportunity to learn from others. At the end of the day, my students and colleagues taught me more than I could ever imagine.

As I close this chapter of my life, I cant help but wonder what the next experience will be for myself and for the friends that I made here in France. Because of this experience I can now say that I have made friends and memories around the world; and theres nothing that I would change from that.

Until next time,

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