TAPIF: Montpellier is home (one month mark)

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

It's crazy to think that I've been living in Montpellier for already a month. Throughout my travels during our break,  I kept on thinking about how much I loved the city that I was living in and how fortunate I was to be back in Europe. This year has been very eye-opening for me and honestly has been one of the most difficult ones by far of my life. In December it will be a year since I graduated from college, and honestly Europe wasn't (too much) on my mind. I was excited to dive straight into the 'real-world' and get my first big girl job. Interview after interview, I found myself questioning what I wanted to do in the future. Though I haven't 100% answered this question yet in Europe, I am coming to terms about what I want to do in life (you're welcome Mom and Dad).

You might be wondering how I've been coming to terms with figuring out what I want to do with life, and I believe my time in Montpellier has a lot to do with this. I admit, I haven't taught too much yet at my schools. With the storm that cancelled two days of school, I have only worked for a solid two weeks at school. These two weeks I have learned  that I love talking to students and teaching them English. Even when I am just observing classrooms, I find myself in admiration for the individuals that are teaching the class. It's not just a language that the students are learning in the classroom, but rather a culture. This means that sometimes we have to talk about tricky subjects such as gun regulations and terrorism, but overall these discussions have made me feel even more grateful for the opportunity to discuss and receive new perspectives on global issues.

I believe that traveling throughout my break has also helped enlighten and remind me of several things, most importantly the commonalities we humans share. Throughout my travels in France and Spain these past weeks (and in Montpellier proper) I have become acquainted with people who share more similarities than differences with myself. Its a reminder during times that being abroad isn't as hard as we make it out to be. There will always be someone for you to have a conversation with at a cafe, a shoulder to cry on, or a girlfriend to go dancing the night away. This Mediterranean town is becoming my home, and I cant wait to see where the next month will take me.

Until next time,

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