Beauty product of the week: Curly Wurly (Lush)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

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Sometimes being an adult can be kind of stressful. From opening bank accounts to cleaning, I thought it was necessary to treat myself and go for a walk into Lush. Now mind you, I've tried several of Lush's products before. I have a friend who use to work at the store in Minnesota and is a junkie to their products to this day. As a vegetarian, I try my best to be conscious of what I not only eat, but also what I buy. So when I heard that Lush had great hair products (especially for girls with curly hair) it was a no brainer to treat myself to some R&R. 

I should probably explain to you guys how my hair is. Thanks to my curls, my hair seems to be changing almost every day. Some days my curls are very tight and curly. Other days, my hair is longer almost wavy like (and sultry?). Point of the story is- I never know what I'm going to wake up to. Having curls, I take certain precautions when it comes to products and maintaining healthy hair. I don't blow dry it (and in the rare occasion that I do, I use a diffuser) and believe that condition air is my best friend. 
My hair before using the product: Curls are'clumpy' with little definition for each individual curl. 

Having moved to the south of France hasn't been the best for my hair. With the humidity and wind, my hair turns into a frizzy mess pretty much two hours into my day, leaving me with only one option: to leave my curls in a bun. Mind you this is 100% a first world problem, but living in France comes with some 'responsibilities' per say. One has to present themselves in a certain manner here compared to that in the United States. The days of wearing sweatpants out in public with disheveled hair even for a 15 minute walk are now a thing of the past, and every occasion (even if it is just going to the post office) requires proper etiquette. This by no means is a written rule for France, but I truly believe that appearance can make a difference. 

But I digress.... as I walked into Lush in my city of Montpellier, I explained my hair dilemma in hopes that they would have the right product for me. I winced as I bought a tub of shampoo (which I admit I don't use too much of, having been a former Wen user) and strutted back to my apartment excited for what the results would look like. Though I am only on my first week of trying out the new product, I am complexly in love with the Curly Wurly solution. I can feel that my curls are holding in water and that they feel light and airy (something that I never thought was possible before). Sure there is still a bit of frizz in my hair (I'm trying out the complementary conditionairs to see which one suits me best at the moment), but so far this shampoo has done wonders for my hair in France. I'm excited to see how this product's shelf life will last and if it will continue to make my curls look as stunning as they deserve to be. 
After having used the product: more definition per curl and volume

Have you tried Lush's beauty products? If so which one?

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