Let's Try to Cook: What I've learned so far

Saturday, October 15, 2016

As you've probably noticed by all my travel related posts, I am currently living in France. One of the reasons I began my blog series 'Let's Learn How to Cook' was in order to motivate and rely on myself when it came to food rather than others. Since I started this blog series I have now gained the confidence to try new meals that I would have never dared try before. At last I am getting my dream kitchen (which I now have) and I've learned some valuable lessons along the way in regards to cooking. Here are just things that I have learned so far:

   #1) It's ok to make mistakes

          I'm not going to be Gordon Ramsey overnight, and I shouldn't have the assumption that I can even remotely become someone like him even after a meal (or 30 for that matter). Making mistakes helps create better dishes and confidence in the kitchen.

#2) Build upon your signature dish

    Is there one thing that you're really good at making? Try and make a different version of this dish or expand upon it (let say you are really good at making a soup, try and make a salad or a main dish to complement your signature dish). Having the same dish over and over again is boring, mix it up,

#3) Go on the internet and get inspiration

   Cooking doesn't mean that you have to make something fancy. It can simply be pasta with olives or grilled salmon. Look at recipes online in order to inspire you to be creative and experiment with different ingredients. Some of my best meals that I have created so far have been ones that I have found and tweaked online.

Naturally, I will be sharing with you some of my dishes that I have made over here in France. Check out the blog series NEXT WEEK in order to see what dishes I have made so far in during my stay in Europe!

Until next time!

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