Brunch à la Princess Fusion

Thursday, October 13, 2016

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Having a new apartment has both it's advantages and disadvantages. One of these advantages is having the excuse to host a party. So when my friends at Paperless Inc asked me to come up with my dream brunch I couldn't help but say yes. Brunch is one, if not THE BEST meal of the day. Lets face it, Brunch is pretty much every 20 year old's dream during the weekend. From the mimosas, variety of eggs, to the pancakes there is always something for everyone to enjoy during brunch. So get ready! Because you have been officially invited to Brunch by yours truly (moi!). I hope that this will give you a few ideas of what you can do for you next brunch :)

iPad + Engaged ❤ Bespoke//App #getfilmedbyfrancesco: Glitter place tags:

Our family Christmas breakfast tradition! Add a few diced onions, chopped hard boiled eggs and there you have it! Oh wait...forgot to mention the champagne!:

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