TAPIF: Most common questions from my students

Monday, October 17, 2016

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During my first week of being a teaching assistant I had the opportunity to present myself to my classes. For each class I gave a brief description of myself including age, hometown, ambitions, and details on my family. After my 15 minute presentation I opened up the classroom for questions. Of course I was warned by my teachers beforehand that some of the questions that the students would be a tad strange, because let’s face it: I’m working with teenagers. So in case you’re anxious for starting your contact with TAPIF, or you just wants a few laughs here are some the questions that I was asked throughout my presentations.

  • ·         Do you (personally) know any celebrities?

  •        Response: No. But I do have friends that are mutual friends/ relatives to celebrities. Remember that not every American though knows someone that is famous.

  • ·         Have you been to New York/California?

         Response: I have only been to California and have yet to visit New York.
  • ·         Where is Minnesota?

           Response: Close to Chicago by the boarder of Canada.
  • ·         Are you voting for Trump?

            Response: Noooooo
  • What is your favorite football team?

·                                 Response: Les Bleus 
  •       You’re an American, so that means that you love McDonalds, right?

       Response: I can’t even remember the last time I ate here. The fries in France are so much better than the fries at McDonalds.
  •            Do you have a boyfriend?

          Response: Nope!

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