So I tried Airbnb....and sort of like it?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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As a budding travel enthusiast, I’m always trying to save money when possible when abroad. So when my friends mentioned that they were staying in Paris at discounted weeks I had to see if it was too good to be true and try it out for myself. As my friend and I looked at the possibilities for a Parisian flat for the week we grew more excited by the chic styles, affordability, and comfort that each place had to offer. Here are a few tips for first-timers trying Airbnb

#1) Be aware of false advertisement

         When I was searching for apartments to stay at during our time in Paris I made sure that we were located in areas that were accessible to public transit and that were in walking distance of some of our favorite cafes. Some listings are advertised on Airbnb as being located in ‘Paris’ when they are actually 15 minutes from the periphery of Paris. The map is your friend, use it!

#2) Understand that cheap isn’t always the best

   Know your limits both financially and personally. I’d rather spend more many on my stay at an Airbnb and have an entire apartment to myself than reserve a bunk bed for 5 euros a night crammed next to ten other guests.

#3) Communicate with your hosts/ potential hosts

  I admit that sometimes I have trouble with this piece of advice myself when I was trying to book a place. Hosts are there to help and give you guidance during your stay. Contact your hosts of your travel plans (both for arriving and leaving) in advance so that they can plan accordingly. In the same manner if the state of the apartment isn’t up to par, mention this to them. You have a right as a customer.

  In the same manner, if you plan on staying in a place long-term with Airbnb feel free to see if you can visit the premises before you give them over your credit card information. Most hosts understand this. Understand also that if you do plan on staying long term that there might be additional fees (such as taxes or internet bills) that are usually covered in short term stays.  Finally, understand that not every host is suited for you. Not everyone is meant to be together. Period.

#4) Take pictures of your Airbnb when you arrive/Clean

  One of my biggest regrets was not taking pictures of the condition of our apartment when we first arrived. Taking pictures allows for you to use a point of reference for how the apartment should look upon departure as well as solve issues between you and your hosts on cleanliness. Remember to clean before you leave and follow your host’s rules on leaving the premises.

#5) Just because you booked a place doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to get it

Your host has 24 hours to respond to your request for Airbnb. At times hosts simply do not respond to requests and you will then have to select another Airbnb for your stay. Instant booking allows for the stress of not knowing to disappear. Be aware of cancelation policies and that your host can cancel on you at a drop of a hat.

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Overall, I would recommend Airbnb to people. Though it can be a tricky and semi-stressful situation it also allows for the possibility of you to travel at a drop of a hat, and that feeling is honestly priceless.

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