Saint Paul Saints Game- Could it be better than seeing the Twins?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Staying in the city for the 4th of July can be tough. All of a sudden the hustle and bustle of the Twin Cities dwindles down for three days. Streets such as Grand Avenue and Downtown Saint Paul become deserted, almost zombie- apocalypse, style towns.

So what do you do? I decided this year to be proactive about the 4th of July. As someone who's family chooses to stay in the city rather than going up north to the cabin, it can be hard to find something fun for the whole family to do. With the whole family loving baseball, especially my dad, I thought it would be a great Farther's Day treat to buy tickets for the family to the Saints game. Now I have to admit- I was a bit hesitant about going to the game. As a Twins fan, I have been in love with Target Field since the new stadium broke ground. I had heard mixed reviews about the Saint Games in their new stadium. Some loved the proximity of the stadium to downtown, others complained about the proximity to the highway and the amount of noise it can create.

I decided to keep an open mind about the Saints. I had gone to several games in the past at the Midway Stadium and had enjoyed myself, and wondered if a Twins fan could enjoy themselves as much at the minor leagues. Right way when I walked into the stadium doors I was impressed. The new stadium is a medium size stadium that pockets nicely into downtown Saint Paul. Just minutes away from the Green Line, it was fun to get a change of scenery and get a fresh perspective on the other paternal twin city.

The stadium does a great job of showcasing Saint Paul and what it has to offer. You can see this most in the food that the stadium has to offer. Compared to the Twins in Minneapolis, the Saints has a variety of food vendors that you will most likely recognize. With food trucks and booths scattered about the perimeter of the stadium you are bound to find something tasty and affordable at the stadium. It is also important to note that the stadium has an extensive beer collection, but if you don't want to break the bank the stadium does have a picnic location so that you and the family can enjoy a home cooked meal onsite.
My mom and sister at the game

Compared to many sports games, CHS Field prioritizing entertaining guests. In addition to having a baseball team, the Saints have hired quirky actors to liven up the mood and make the game as enjoyable for baseball fans and spectators alike. From Gert the Flirt to Karaoke Hour, each inning is bound to be entertaining.

Overall the game at CHS Field was by far more entertaining than at the Twins. Though the minor league team doesn't have as much hype compared to the Twins team, they do deserve a winning shot at getting at least one visit from you this summer.

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