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Monday, July 11, 2016

One of the reasons that I created this blog was because I wanted to feel as if I had the capability of writing whatever topic I wanted to write about. For many fashion and lifestyle blogs, content can seem superficial when the world around us is dealing with serious matters.

I'm a huge fan of gun restrictions. When I say this a lot of people shutter at the thought of their guns being taken away. This isn't the case, well for almost everyone. But gun restrictions isn't where we should even start this debate. The real problem is race relations. Being an ally I can only say so much about this. I have no personal experience of ever being discriminated against, and probably will never be. If you looked at a description of me on a sheet of paper I would be the definition in the dictionary of white privilege. Luckily I was taught about this privilege in high school in a social justice program I took in theater. Like many others, I resisted the idea of my white privilege. I hated being uncomfortable when my peers would talk about being discriminated against. I hated when they spoke about feeling guilty for slavery because of the color of my skin.

And then one day I finally understood what it meant to be an ally. Being uncomfortable meant that I was understanding my privilege and that sometimes I need to listen rather than speak. So that's what I will be doing as an ally. The more that I listen to my friends and community members stories of discrimination, the more angry I become. Call me naïve, but I never believed that Minnesota would be a place where racism would occur within our civil workers such as police

I'm not going to say that all police men are bad. I'm not going to say that everyone with a gun is bad. What is bad is the fact that groups of persons in America believe that they are greater than others. What is even worse is that these groups believe that they can use scare tactics and use power to harm others. It is this want to hurt others, stemmed from racial tension, that creates  situations like the ones that we are experiencing today.

But I am only witnessing this second hand. If you can learn anything from this situation, especially as an ally, is that this is the opportunity for us to listen and help when needed. In order to have peace within our community and further out into the world we must first understand each other and have common ground, and in order to do this we need to hear others stories first.

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