Kyoto Sushi Review

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I'm a big fan of sushi. Scratch that, I'm a huge fan of eating sushi. Ever since I studied abroad in Paris, I have been hooked to the rice with fish combinations. I've created a challenge for myself to try and find similar sushi styled sushi restaurants here in the States compared to the ones I found in Europe. So when my friend invited my sister and I to sushi the other night I jumped at the opportunity- because who wouldn't?!?

Mind you I was really excited for sushi as we were driving. I had worked a ten hour shift at work and wanted a nice treat from all the hard work. I had google mapped the place and noticed that the restaurant was located in mall. Mind you, I'm not too picky about my restaurants but when it comes to sushi I'm very particular since that majority of the food contains uncooked fish. So I was more than hesitant to get out of the car when I noticed how sketchy the restaurant looked tucked into a corner next to David's Bridal and the Dress Barn. 

With arms crossed in preparation for food poisoning, we found our table in a dimly lit restaurant with a bustling staff, a hip multi-colored bar, and about thirty booths of people happily eating sushi. My reluctance immediately dissipated when we got our sampler plate consisting of 30 different kinds of sushi for us to try. 

Maybe it was the fact that I had such low expectations for the restaurant, but I have to admit that the sushi was pretty damn good. In addition to the sushi being tasty the restaurant had some features that I have had difficulty finding in others. Not only were the prices great (our sampler was $34), but they also had a great selection of drinks including the ever coveted sake bomb that I finally drank. 

Overall, I would recommend this place to others and would happily come back to this location or other Kyoto Sushi Bar's in the area. 

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