Cake By the Lake

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going to KDWB's #cakebythelake event at Wayzata's Brew Works with the lovely band DNCE. To preface I have been a huge DNCE fan since they released their hit single 'Cake by the Ocean' over a year ago. Having been a Jonas Brothers fan I naturally was biased on the bands success from the start. With the release of their EP Swaay, DNCE has become a household name in a short amount of time and has claimed the song of this summer. So when KDWB announced that there would be a cake fight with DNCE I knew I had to go. I had gone to a similar event from KDWB last Fourth of July Weekend with Demi Lovato and had a memorable time, so I was more than excited to hit the suburbs yesterday.

My best friend and I pre-cake fight in our rad KDWB sponsored ponchos 
Being over the age of 21 and having little to no drinking experience with beer, I decided to take the opportunity of being at Brew Works to actually test some of their drinks. Fun fact: I'm more of a fruity drink kinda girl rather than potent and strong. I tried the Shamberry drink that they had and fell in love. It was a mix between a Mikes and Watermelon Margarita. Of course I had to have two so that the cake fight would be mildly more interesting in the midst of 12 year old's. The view at Brew Works isn't bad either. Located right on the lake Minnetonka, the brewery has both an outdoor seating option and indoor that overlook the lake in the middle of downtown Wayzata. Needless to say, it was a perfect day to relax and have a drink.

You're probably wondering where DNCE comes into the mix. The event started at 12 and ended at 2, so naturally the band came around 1:15-1:30 (which I'm assuming was because they wanted us to wait out and buy their products=successful marketing skills). DNCE came on for a cake eating contest and then was briefly present for an attempt at the World's Largest Cake Fight. I was given a huge piece of cake (which I intended to eat rather than throw) until a little boy grabbed a chunk of cake out of my hand. Naturally I chucked the rest at him and showed him a lesson or two. Needless to say the day was adventurous but I don't know if I'll be going back to another KDWB event like this. There's just too many little kids, lots of waiting, and just too much energy put into coming to an event where you see an artist for only 5 minutes. Yes, it was a free event but I could have pocketed the change I spent on drinks and transportation towards an actual concert ticket that might have been a bit better. Ya never know right?!?

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