Let's Try To Cook: Oreo Balls

Saturday, July 02, 2016

With Fourth of July this weekend and summer in full swing it's great to have a fun and easy recepie for summer parties. My go to/? Oreo balls. These are fun and simple treats to make that will be great for any party and can vary depending on what you want to do for flavor and decorations. Want to know more about how to make these awesome items? It's time to try and cook!

#1) Buy desired flavor of Oreo, cream cheese, and baking chocolate
#2) Take frosting off of oreaos and put cookies and cream cheese in food processor 
#3) Once complete and mixed together roll dough into tiny balls as shown in the picture below

#4) Once balls are rolled up put on cookie pan and place pan in fridge to chill
#5) Once the balls have been chilled for 1-2 hours, bring them to room temperature. Heat up baking chocolate and dip balls into the chocolate
#6) If you want to decorate the balls further add sprinkles at this step. Let the chocolate sit for a while but not long enough that the sprinkles will fall off
#7) After you have let the chocolate set on all of the Oreo balls place tray again in fridge to let sit
#8) After several hours the balls are finished and ready to eat!

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