Best vegetarian burgers in the Twin Cities

Monday, June 27, 2016

As some of you may know, I have been a vegetarian for about 5 years now. Having been someone who enjoyed a burger or two a week, transition to a life of burgers to black beans was a bit of a challenge; especially while going out. Unfortunately at most restaurants, vegetarians are limited when it comes to their burger options. Most are left with the only option of paying an over priced Morning Star Burger that was microwaved and put into a fancy bun while are friends across the table put there face into a Juicy Lucy. It just isn't fair. Fortunately I am here to help you realize what your options are restaurants in the Twin Cities. Here are some of the top places within the area to get vegetarian burgers.

#1) Shish on Grand Avenue

Compared to most restaurants, Shish has a wide variety of vegetarian hamburgers (yes, there is more than one burger to get here that is meat free folks). When I first ate here I was in awe that I actually had three options for hamburgers. Never in my life had this happened to me as a vegetarian. Shish features three unique and different veggie burgers: Falafel, Garbanzo bean (which taste like Chipotle if you ask me), and a portabella mushroom burger. I'm a sucker for Falafel and go for it pretty much every time I'm here. Prices range from $8-15 depending on how you want to dress the burger up (ask about the garlic sauce for you fries). 

#2) Blue Door

Known for their juicy lucy's, The Blue Door is an unexpected place for vegetarians to go to. At first glance at the menu, there aren't too many options for veggies. Look again friends, look again. Unlike many restaurants, the Blue Door has create your own veggie burgers that can be styled in the same manner as one of there classic burgers. So if you are in the mood to try something adventurous, this is your place. Prices vary from $10-$17. 

#3) Hard Rock Cafe

Before you go hating on chain store restaurants please wait until after you have had this hamburger. The first time that I tried this veggie creation I was scared that I had ordered the wrong thing. It tasted too much like meat. The waiter insisted that it was indeed a veggie burger after I ate a bite of the burger and reassured me that I wouldn't get sick. They were right. This burger is too good to be true. With its packed veggies on the top and juicy texture you are sure to have a mouthful of flavors in every bite you take. This burger is so great that both vegetarians and carnivore have put this burger in such high demand, that sometimes the store is out of the burgers by 12 am. Prices range from $10-15

Is there a burger that you think should be on the list? Comment below!

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