Let's Try to Cook: Tofu Noodles

Saturday, June 25, 2016

As a vegetarian it can be difficult at times to find meals that are tasty and healthy at the same time. When it comes to cooking I gravitate towards the carbs rather than veggies. So when I heard that there was a noodle substitute I had to try it! I've tried other noodle substitutes before such as Edamame noodles (which are fabulous and can be purchased at Trader Joe's) and fell in love with the idea. Sure noodles aren't always the fastest things to cook, so when I saw that there were tofu noodles that were microwavable I jumped on it.

It was pretty simple to make- just microwave for two minutes and voila! you have a masterpiece. Just like your good old tofu that you buy in a block at the store, tofu noodles have the sponge like capabilities of soaking up every and any flavor. Being the egg fanatic that I am, I had to incorporate an egg into my meal (protein anyone) as well as some low calorie tomato sauce. Though I didn't fell completely full after the meal ( I ate the entire bag) the dish is very low in calories (a total of 10) which made me a happy camper.

The final product
So okay, maybe the final product didn't turn out to be a TOTAL masterpiece but hey- at least I'm trying here people- and attempting to be healthy at the same time is a double whammy in my books :)

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