The Revolution of Plus Size Models

Monday, May 30, 2016

According to the University of Texas, the average size of a woman in the United States is a size 12-14. As a fashion blogger and someone who fits into this 'average size' category, it can sometimes be discouraging to write about fashion. The business is harsh. Where the average size for woman starts is considered a scarce place on the racks at clothing stores, leaving woman like myself out of clothing options. I'm not the only one that has this problem either. Over 50% of woman in the US are over the size of 14. Yet somehow the majority of retail stores only contain size 0-12, leaving woman like myself left with little to choose from and sometimes even downright depressed.

What can make matters worse is that there are very little options for woman like myself who are considered on the 'plus' size range at times to have people in the media to look up to. Think about it- when was the last time you saw on a magazine cover a model that wasn't a size 2? Now don't get me wrong- I am by no means trying to shame woman that are of a smaller size than me. I understand that everyone is born with different body types and sizes. I get that. So if there are just as many woman in the world (or more) who are over a size 2, why aren't they presented in the medias? I can think on my hand of the number of plus size models and actresses that have had love interest, been campaign models. or  even had a shed of light shown on them.

Model Ashley Graham featured in DNCE's latest video "Toothbrush" as Joe Jonas' love interest

I don't technically consider myself a plus size girl and I have one reason why - I am 100% ashamed of the notion of being so. I work out every day, eat a healthy diet, yet still somehow can barely fit into size 12 jeans. You see it is possible to be healthy and be a size 12, 14, or even 20. No, I am not a doctor by any means. But I do know that society does create a stigma of plus size woman being considered lazy and unhealthy, and this isn't always the case. Society has pretty much shamed  plus size woman since the beginning of the 21st century. What was at one time seen as the ideal body type has now become the opposite. I cringe when saying the word 'plus' and turn my head several times in fear that someone might notice me shopping in the plus size section.

Plus size model Whitney Thompson looks beautiful in a Versace gown:
Whitney Thompson of America's Next Top Model

Fortunately society is changing about the perspective of plus size woman. Finally in movies the plus size girl is having a plot in story lines. We are no longer just the funny girl or the bets friend. Finally models are showing up in all shapes and sizes on the runways and magazine covers allowing for all to be represented. So yes, maybe I'm still ashamed of being in the awkward middle section of being plus size- and well- the other side of the aisle. But with societies views changing day by day within the media my perspective and acceptance of my body and others is changing day by day. And I hope for others like myself they too will be able to appreciate and understand that this body revolution is an important and necessary step.

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