Confessions of a yoga-holic

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I have always envied those who have a love for exercise. I see them at the gym, practically smiling having the time of there lives while not so little me is grumbling and moaning the whole entire time. I'm not the most motivated exerciser to say the least. That was until recently when I discovered yoga. As some of you might have remembered reading in my previous posts, I recently started practicing yoga at the beginning of the year after finding videos on youtube. I had graduated from college and suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands. Being in Minnesota venturing outside isn't always the easiest task to do. So I decided to shake things up and try something at home instead, because why the heck not. 

Since starting my practice in yoga I have noticed an immense change not only in my body but also for my mind. Compared to other exercises yoga is a focus and practice of both the mind of body--allowing for all parts to be challenged and awakened. It helps too that I'm forced to exercise for an hour with a group. Compared to your typical gym routine, yoga is not only an internal practice, but one that can be practiced with a group. By going in a group atmosphere I have allowed myself to be challenged on a whole new level. Call it peer pressure, conforming, or attempting to show off to the hot guy in the left corner- but working out in a group has given me a whole new perspective. By working out in a group atmosphere I have not only become a stronger person but someone who is able to feel comfortable in almost any group setting. Think about it, in yoga you are letting yourself completing go in front of complete strangers. That mat is your space, but surrounding you are others who are doing the same practice as you and that are ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead. Yes, I haven't done all the moves or postures right, and I'm sure that not most people can in fact while doing yoga, but we try. 

As the summer months continue I hope to strengthen my yoga practice. I try to go every day- and am sad if my day is too busy to go to a class. The issue of being bored has been conquered by the every changing moves and classes that I have taken. Sure, there have been times were I have wanted to give up halfway through class. Sure, I have questioned my sanity of adding an extra workout onto my routine, but it makes me happy and keeps me motivated to stay active throughout the day. So call me a yoga-addict. I seem to can't live without it, and can't wait to see where my practice will take me in the following months. 

Until next time!

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