How to remain an authentic blogger

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Almost every blogger I know has had difficulties writing and creating original content. There's a reasons why the phrase 'writers block' exists, and it happens quiet often for bloggers too. For myself, creating weekly or even daily content for the blog can sometimes be a struggle. Now I'm not trying to complain about having a blog by no means. Instead, I'm writing this post in hopes of helping other writers and creating a reminder as a blogger of what not to do as a blogger.

#1) Become Inspired. Check out the blogs that you look at daily and really ask yourself why you love coming back and looking at this blog. Is it because they post about local events happening in your area? Do you love their style? Does this writer have great advice or travel tips? Each writer is going to get inspiration from different places. For myself, I not only try and get inspiration from bloggers but also from magazines and what is happening around the world around me. Sure I'm not perfect yet about becoming super profound, but I'm slowly opening up to the world on my blog about certain aspects of my life to readers. Create something that you would be proud of and that is an accurate reflection about yourself. The biggest complement that I have received about my blog has been how closely it fits with my lifestyle. 

#2) Don't post just to post. One of the great things about blogging compared to other forms of writing is that you don't have any deadlines. You are essentially your own boss. This means that you can create as much or as little content as your heart desires. That being said, you shouldn't sell yourself short though. Over creating posts that are only halfway done or that were created just 'to be created' shouldn't be on the blog. Again, this is a representation of yourself. You don't want people to get the wrong impression. 

#3) You are a complex person. People change throughout time and with that taste levels and hobbies might change as well. It's natural- and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. One of the reasons why I called this blog a 'Fusion' was because I couldn't set myself down into one category of blogging. Yes, it can be nice to have one main focus on your blog but for some people this can be limiting for them. You have more than one passion- so show the world it and be proud! You never know where it might go. 

#4) Don't embellish the truth. Be proud of who you are. Each person is at a different phase in their lives, and this will reflect in their blogs as well. It is important to be aware (especially in fashion blogs) that sometimes the truth is embellished when it comes to what people are wearing. Yes they look fabulous, but is that really the look that they are going to wear to go out and do their grocery's in? Probably not. There is this pressure in the fashion blogging world to have your pictures look JUST RIGHT as if you were coming right out of a magazine. Sure sometimes you might be lucky enough to snag a great photographer, but that doesn't always happen . Roll with the punches that you are given and as Tim Gun says 'make it work'!

#5) Have fun! Blogging shouldn't feel like a chore. It should be almost theraputic for you as a writer to journal out you daily life to the world. Do what makes you feel happy. If that means making your blog into a business or posts pictures of your cat that all power to you. The only thing that matters is your happiness.

Until next time,

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