The importance behind branding yourself

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

As someone who just graduated from college with a degree in Communication, I have found the job market to be very competitive in the field. Naturally this means that I, being the competitive person that I am, want to stand out as much as possible compared to my competition. For many college students in similar fields such as myself, blogging becomes a way to showcase their work to potential employers. In the age of internet, blogging has become a way to connect with others that have the same hobbies or interests with a click of a button. It's networking on a more simple and less intimidating scale. 

So if essentially everyone now is blogging how does one stand out compared to the rest. It's simple: branding. Even before I declared my communication major in college I have been interested in marketing techniques. Knowing why and how people choose certain products compared to others interest me. So naturally, being the semi-impatient person that I am, I decided in high school to brand myself as ThePrincessFusion. If I am going to help others market themselves what better way to show my expertise but with myself as a product?

 Compared to other marketing projects branding myself has been a challenge and a joy at the same time. Since I am the 'product' as well as the campaign manager I am allowed to experiment with different social media and marketing tactics that you might not typically be able to do with other brands. This isn't a make or break situation with my blog. I can try new things one day and attempt another marketing technique the next. By doing this, I have seen what marketing techniques work best  for my brand- and others. 

Have you branded yourself for your blog? What are your thoughts?

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