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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

At the age of 12 I got my first purse. It was a tiny silk handbag made in Vietnam that had tiny little flowers sewed onto it. Having a purse made me feel as if I had joined an exclusive club of woman. All of a sudden I noticed that woman like my teachers, mother, aunt, and the woman walking her little brown dog had magical purses with them and they looked confident with them on- as if nothing could stop them. 

Fast forward to now at age 22, I have begun to establish a collection of purses. Ever since that first handbag my grandmother taught me that everyone woman should stick with one purse brand. For her, it was coach. Their products were everything to her. In the same manner, even after her death, I worshiped the leather purses like my grandmother. I learned to identify the vintage coach handbags and to begin to create my own collection of coach purses. 

1982 COACH Bag Purse PHOTO Facts You Should Know #9635 Tan Tag Vintage PRINT Ad #CoachLeatherware -- ebay -- ChicTiques:
An old Coach add featuring the coveted purse (circa 1980's)

Sure my brand loyalty to purses might not only lie with Coach now, but after finding that the company had more than just materiel covered purses with C's on them I was hooked. Compared to many modern day purses, the vintage coach handbags actually serve a purpose for woman. Their functionality allows for multiple items to fit into the purse (like a wallet- GASP) or a camera (what?!?). What makes me love these purses even more is the size. This is the perfect purse for going out at night with, for that quick grocery run wearing your sweat pants and sunglasses with, or a nice summer stroll. They're simple and yet a statement piece with their fine quality leather and brass clasp. 

So I'm obsessed with vintage coach handbags. There- I've said it. I could go on and on about vintage coach purses but you would probably rather not. So here's to you functional leather vintage purses. Thank you for being there to fill my purse with actual items rather than just being a mere accessory. 

A 1982 Coach ad campaign focused on the brand's iconic leather with brass hardware. The new Legacy Collection uses thinner leather, and nickel-coated zinc hardware.:
Another Coach ad from 50 year's ago showing how truly awesome these purses are

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