5 Things Everyone Does While Doing Yoga (or at least I do)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So remember when I wrote that I was trying a week of free yoga? Well ladies and gentleman I have decided to become and member at CorePower Yoga. Naturally that means that there has been lots of sweat, awkward moves, and embarrassing moments. It would be wrong of my not to share these oh-so-great moments on the blog. So here are 5 thoughts that everyone, including myself, thinks and does while doing yoga.

#1) Farting

The first time I did this I was absolutely horrified. Sure, I had seen this happen in comedies but I never expected it to happen to me during downward dog. Just remember- almost everyone else has done once in their lifetime before. Even though it might be mortifying at the moment pray that no one actually heard it and pretend (if you can) that it was a joint....or maybe the person next to you :)

#2) Trying to copy everyone's moves without looking like an idiot

You pray that you don't look like an idiot compared to the rest of the group who have been doing yoga since the age of 5. Yes, you'll be staring at the majority of the class trying to comprehend their moves rather than doing the moves themselves. Looks like we'll be staying in child's pose for a bit longer...

#3) Giving the trainer the side glare of death


Everyone has their moments while working out when they want to scream at the top of their lungs and tell the instructor to just shut up. Yes, there have been times were several expletives have come out of my mouth (quietly) during class but usually I just choose the old-so-cold side glare to do the trick. As shown by the woman in the gray sweatshirt, this allows you to convey your message of disapproval of the workout while still looking like a bad ass to the rest of your fellow yogis.

#4) Trying to concentrate for the entire glass when the instructor/fellow yogi is attractive 


One of the hardest tasks is concentrating on the task at hand (in this case awkward sweaty yoga) in a graceful manner without staring at the instructor or yogi too long for them to notice. In addition to concentrating even more on the beloved yoga practice rather than the attractive person next to you, you somehow believe that you have the capability to be the best in the class that day.

#5) Dipping out of class as fast as possible


Even if you don't mind being seen in public looking like a semi-hot mess after yoga, you have to admit one of the best parts of the yoga practice are saying those glorious final words, bowing, and getting the heck out of the room so that you can do it all over again the next day.

Until next time,

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