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Monday, April 11, 2016

As a photographer, it can sometimes feel crazy trying to organize your room while showcasing your work. My bedroom is not only an oasis for myself, but also an art exhibit for my friends and family that visit. The question then arrives of how to show my photos in a way that doesn't make it seem like I'm creating a giant collage of random pictures. After all, if this was a gallery that these pictures were being presented into they would have to follow a theme.

 So how do I mix shots of the Eiffel Tower into my bedroom without clashing with my overall tropical theme? Very carefully. Here are just a few tips and inspiration on how to showcase your work (whether your a professional photographer or not) in your very own private oasis and showroom. .

#1) Create themes for your doors

Think about it- doors are in a sense like a blank canvas. You can pretty much do whatever you want in terms of decorating a door. For myself, I created themed doors based off of what is in my closet. My fancy dresses have a Parisian theme, my more casual clothes has a tropical theme, and my 'hometown' door opens towards the rest of the house. By making themes for doors allows for you to filter what pictures should go were while having the possibility of creating whatever you want.

#2) Get a board to pin stuff on

Great styling on this DIY pinboard! Alaina Kaczmarski's Lincoln Park Apartment Tour #theeverygirl:
From PopSugar

Similar to doors, boards are a great way to express yourself as an artist. I've seen some people decorate boards and put them together at the head of the bed. It's honestly a fun way for people (like myself) who are prone to changing out there pictures alot. Not only do these boards allow versatility but they won't damage your valuables (such as taping your photos onto a dresser persay). It's a perfect first step for someone who wants to have a pop of photography in their bedroom.

#2) Hang your photos in a unique fashion

architecture, bedding, bedroom, boho, books, candles, cozy, deco, decorations, girls, grunge, hippie, hipster, home decor, ideas, indie, lights, photography, pillow, pink, teen, vintage, tumblr rooms:
From Pinterest
Whether you hang your photos on string or fairy lights this is one of my favorite and creative options to show off a large portion of photos. It can be kinda tricky to think about how you are going to hang these photos but remember- part of being creative is solving problems such as these while making it look aesthetically pleasing.

#3) Don't just frame it

Cute DIY Room Decor Ideas for Teens - DIY Bedroom Projects for Teenagers - DIY Photo Frame Tutorial:
Photo from Pinterest
 Frames are soooo last year. Instead of just opting to print a photo and put it into a frame, try a creative idea such as the one above were you can showcase not one photo, but multiple. Fantastic idea right?

#5) Spruce up your study space

studyblr-heaven:  Pretty sure this is too much beauty for one photo.:
From studying-hard.tumblr.com 
 Sometimes there's a magic in being subtle. If you're someone like myself that is always trying to find a way to put up that new photo adding a background to your study space just might be the right solution. It's subtle but adds to the look of the bedroom making studying actually (kinda) fun.

#5) If you're going to create a collage- have a purpose

this-space-here-is:  ❤️:
From dormstrends.tumblr
  I'm not a big fan of  collages but if you are going to do it- have a plan. I like the idea of having shaped collages so that you are creating a larger image from multiple images. If you're going to do collages make sure to have an executive plan in order before you set install the pictures together on your wall.

Until next time,

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