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Thursday, April 14, 2016

There has always been a debate, in Hollywood and around the world, about the 'duties' that celebrities have towards fans and to the world. For some, celebrities are viewed as role models for young girls and boys alike, voices for environmental issues and social justice, or teachers. Yes celebrities all celebrities all influential to some extent or another, but what makes these three woman different than others is that they use their fame (which they by no means are obligated to do) and use it for a greater purpose. Not only are we lucky enough to have these woman share their talents with the world, but we are also lucky enough to have these woman enlighten us on issues we might not have been aware of until they took a stance. So here's my list of three important and critical 'celebrity' woman that I believe are shaping the world that we are in today. Regardless of if you believe that their art is good or not, their message is important to hear and that is why I am sharing them with you. Each woman has impacted me in some way, shape, or form in a positive manner and I hope that they will do the same with you as I share their messages on my blog.

#1) Demi Lovato 

The singer and actress has been an important figure in the LGBT community. Not only did she feature the LA Pride Parade in her music video, but she shed light on the different spectrum of sexuality in her song 'Cool for the Summer'. Her stance for the LGBT community earned her the 2016 GLAAD award recognizing her for her passion to use her voice as a platform and voice for others. In addition to being a vital figure on LGBT issues, Lovato has also been honestly vocal about her battle with drug addiction and eating disorders. After having gone to rehab, Demi turned her struggles as a positive corner stone to help others who are in the same situation to realize that they have the inner strength to fight demons and to honor the confidence within themselves.  

#2) Gina Rodriguez

Ok where do I begin with her. From her positive energy that seems to be contagious even in a photograph in a television screen, Rodriguez has been an inspirational role model for Puerto Rican and Hispanic woman. During her Golden Glob win for best actress (and many other times tbh), Rodriguez uses her platform to remind woman that they too can peruse their dream of being an actress. Just because you don't see your ethnicity on TV doesn't mean that you can't change the status quot. Peruse your dreams, and maybe you too can, like Rodriguez, change the representation of ethnicity's in mass media. 


#3) Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is the third on my list of female celebrities with a purpose because of her attitude of not giving a damn. Her unapologetic attitude is actually kinda revolutionary for woman who have been told that they should stay in one box and pretty much call it a day. Schumer isn't about that. She isn't afraid to voice her opinion on pretty much any subject. Her stance for helping squash body insecurities and to embrace what you have has allowed both men and woman alike to view themselves in a whole different light. The fact that Amy does all of this with a tough of humor makes her voice relatable and entertaining because you realize how absurd these social justice issues actually are.  

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