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Monday, February 22, 2016

It would be an understatement if I didn't say that I was mildly obsessed with Paris. When I learned in the Fall of 2014 that I would be moving to the city of lights for a semester the first thing that I did was look up the prices for season passes at Disneyland. Yes, I'm one of those people that are obsessed with the mouse, the princesses, and lots and lots of rides. Having had a annual pass for 2015 here are a few tips about going to Disneyland Paris so that you can have the best time while frolicking with Pirates and Star War Characters.

 (1) Annual Pass 
   * If you are a student buying an annual pass is the best option for you. Typically a one day pass to both parks in 99 euros, while a pass for the ENTIRE YEAR as a student is only 100 dollars. That means friends that you are literally only using paying for one extra euro to visit the park virtually whenever you want. 

One of the many perks: seeing Disney change throughout the seasons
(2) The weekends aren't that bad
   * If you're like me and love to save money than the weekends might actually not be that bad. If you have a PassNavigo that means that the RER to Marne de la Valley is FREE friends. This is true for holidays as well, but double check on the back of your pass to see if you're allowed to enter the gates to the happiest place on earth before you venture 45 minutes away from the city. This means after one visit you are visiting the happiest place on earth virtually FOR FREE. That's a big deal mes amies. I recommend going on Fridays or Sundays if you don't want to go to a super crammed park on the
Swing into Spring

(3) Get the app
   * Disneyland Paris has a great app that shows what the wait times are for rides, park hours for the day, and even the menu for all the restaurants. This is helpful if you're like me and have the mindset to try and cram every single ride as much as possible. This will allow for you to prioritize what rides to go on first and which ones you should get fast passes for (yes this Disney Park has fast passes!). 

(4) You don't have to go super early in the morning
* The first time I went to the park I had the mindset that it would be exactly like the American park. You come at the crack of dawn and stay till you get kicked out because the park closes down. Take your time getting to the park. Yes there are busy hours and seasons at the park, but generally compared to the American parks it's not super crammed and you can get the majority of rides done (at both parks) in about 4 hours.

(5) Bring your own food
  * Though it might be tempting to try French food at the happiest place on earth don't be deceived. It's straight up all american crappy food. Though there are some ok options to eat at the park the majority (if you're on a budget) include fried food with a side of apple pie. I'll stick with a croissant and fruit thank you. Also if you're worried about having someone 'catch' you with food at the security check point that is not a problem mes amies! My typical 'go-to' bag to the park was my backpack with a water bottle, sandwich, and apple sauce.

It's a Small World seems more sentimental abroad

(6) Wear your own Mikey Inspired wear
  * Fortunately since I had the intentions of going to Disney I brought my Disney wear along with me ( thanks H&M and Epcot Parks). If you think the price of Disney food is bad then you want to stay clear of stores. Wear your own Disney wear if you're a big fan like me and would feel like a fool if you didn't have some form of ear pattern on your t-shirt. 

Are you going to the park in Paris soon? Let me know if you have any questions below!

Until next time,

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