How to rock a blazer

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A staple of my wardrobe are blazers. For many of my girlfriends they seem very perplexed by the notion of wearing blazers. So I'm hear friends to help change your notion of blazers. Blazers aren't just for going to work and looking frigid. Blazers are there to help you look cool, collective, and even bad ass.

Here are a few ways that you can rock wearing a blazer from some of my favorite stars

(1) Metallic Blazers

Love the look of blazers but don't know how to wear them out at night? Metallic Blazers are a great way to look bad ass. Pair with some leather boots, blank pants, and a graphic tee and you have yourself one great look!
Blair, Gossip Girl

Kourtney Kardashian wearing a matching metallic blazer and shorts

Demi Lovato in a Saint Laurent Blazer

(2) Boyfriend Blazer

  A lot of people of people have the notion that blazers are uncomfortable then you clearly haven't worn boyfriend blazers before. Not only are the comfy, but they make wearing sweatpants somehow chic. 
Kendall Jenner- My point exactly

(3) Matching Blazer and Shorts

Sometimes matching your bottoms and tops can actually be a good thing. This is a great transition look from winter to spring and honestly looks hella fabulous. If you're bold matching printed pants and blazer are a great option or if you're wanting to play the game a bit more mild you can try wearing matching solid colors. 

Demi Lovato
Blake Lively

(4) Statement Blazers

  Sometimes your blazer can be a statement piece. After all, they are great pieces that deserve to be showcased. With some black leggings and a black tank you a set to look fabulous without much effort. 
Balmain H&M blazer

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