Bareminerals Flawless Complexion Essentials Kit Review

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I admit, I've always been obsessed with make-up. I remember the first time I tried lipstick. I was far too young to even know how to put it on but loved the idea of having purple lips to go with my floral dress in Kindergarten. In junior high, I remember trying eye shadow for the first time and attempting to hide it from my father on the walk to the bus stop. Needless to say the dark green color was pretty obvious to my dad, regardless of my will power not to blink. Now, as a 22 year old I have sure had my ups and downs when it comes to make up. I have tried the canisters, the powders, and the liquid foundations. Up until a couple weeks ago I was at my wits ends with makeup. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Then - as if it was magic- my mother decided to have me test out Bareminerals while at the mall in January. To say that I was hesitant was an understatement. I had used Bareminerals when I was in Junior High, and didn't seem to have any fond memories of the brand and its products. An hour later and $100 out of my pocket I came home a new woman. The acne that was once on my face almost magically disappeared with a whip of a the makeup brush and my sass had someone re-emerged.
I'm just so happy with this kit you guys
 I have to say, if it wasn't for my mother I wouldn't have gotten the kit. Priced at $79, I was hesitant that the product that the makeup artist had done at the mall would create the same effect by myself at home. I'm proud to say that I was wrong.  The Kit, which was personally crafted for myself included the following products: 

  - 1 bareSkin Foundation SPF 20, Original Foundation SPF 15 (size: large),
  - Foundation SPF 20
  - 1 Concealer
  - 1 Face Brush
  - 1 Mini Prime Time Foundation Primer, 1 Mineral veil finishing powder, 1 Flawless Application Face Brush, and 1 Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

Captured: me putting on concealer after the primer and foundation 

In addition to these products, I also bought the Red Clay Mask and another primer that corrected the redness in my face. Though it might seem like there are a lot of products that need to be used every day, it's actually not that difficult and the effects are longer lasting than any other makeup I've had. Somehow Bareminerals has broken my notion that with makeup, I have to coat layer after layer to receive full coverage. I guess the saying "less is more' would be their motto statement, because even after a month it feels like I've barely used any product. For Bareminerals, almost every product only needs to have a pea-size amount. Of course my full coverage self was scared. I didn't want anyone to see my imperfections. How could a pea size of makeup foundation really be enough? Well, somehow it has proven to be more than enough, and now the motto of 'less is more' has become one of my mantras in life. Because after all- who doesn't love to stay flawless?

Me with the Flawless Application Brush with Foundation inside of it- there is a pea size whole that helps so that you don't overuse product!

There honestly isn't much though to complain about the kit. Yes, it is a tad expensive (being that right now I am tight no money) but I went in with the notion that I was going to be spending more money than usual on makeup. After all, I have literally tried about every different makeup brand from Sephora to Chanel when it comes to foundations, so my wallet has had fluctuating impact along with my face. It helps also that this makeup is combating my acne along with my medicine that I'm already taking. I'm all for killing two birds with one stone. So why not look flawless while doing it too? This kit truly allows you to experiment while allowing for a natural look. Along with the kit came bronzer for contouring (which I haven't mastered yet), but I'm excited for the possibility of having a tan face come spring time. My only feedback would be is that the kit should have blush included in the kit. After all, everyone loves to have some color on their face - so why not add some pink onto it as well? In all the kit had everything I pretty much wanted and more- it had the products that I was looking for that gave me full coverage, some new brushes, and even some fun extra things to play with. Oh and did I mention that mine came with a makeup bag?

    Final look showing the maximum coverage brush

For more information on this product, and more you can watch my video (as shown above) or visit Bareminerals website at .

Disclaimer: This was not a paid promotion

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