Paris Fashion Week

Friday, March 13, 2015

Living in Paris can be great as a fashionista. You have the liberty to wear what you want pretty much whenever you want to. And the more dressed up, the better. The fashion here in Paris was one of the things that intrigued me to live for a couple months here, compared to other cities. As someone who has worked and adored the fashion world and scene since I could get out of my diapers, I have had a passion for fashion. When I say that I had a passion at a young age I am not joking around here. At age 4, I had already insisted that I wear dresses to pre-school so that I have a certain "flair". Let's just say my standards for fashion haven't changed much since then.


 From the dawn of time I knew of Paris Fashion week, I read the pages of Vogue hoping that someday I would be able to experience the glamour up-front in person. My movie moment had started day one with my killer view, why can't it continue with the killer places I go also? Paris Fashion week was a bit more complicated than I had imagined, and I realized, that deep down I have standards that I am also not will to cross the line for. For example, my friends wanted to go to fashion week to see shows. I am completely for the idea, but I do not support the idea of standing in line (without an invitation for the manner) trying to humiliate myself in getting a ticket. Maybe I've been watching too many Gossip Girl episodes lately, but a part of me believes that in order for me to experience fashion week correctly, I have to earn the tickets rather than just hope (or pray for that matter) that something happens. So that's exactly what I did. Obviously, I'm not a big name person. If I was I would probably have a ghost writer for this blog and have someone double check to see if my grammar is on point. Hence, I'm a nobody once again. Whatever, you get the point. So I didn't score any invitations. But that doesn't mean that I didn't go to Fashion Week or experience that glamour.

One of my favorite areas in Paris, the Jardins de Tuileries is known to be the hub for fashion week. Celebrities, socialites, and artists will strut their stuff in the garden from show to show. Naturally, I decided to go and bask in the sun here and try to catch a glimpse of the rich and famous. And I did see the rich. Not the famous, but hey it was great catching some sun rays while judging (nicely of course) the lucky ones who had scored Fashion Week event tickets.

But don't worry readers (and myself too for assurance) I did attend one fashion week event by earning it myself. I went to Kanye's concert at Louis Vuitton Federation. And boy was it amazing. I can now say that I've seen Gold-Digger live, and that honestly is enough for me to be happy. Plus, I killed two birds with one stone off of my bucket list in Paris: I went to a Fashion Week event and also attended a concert here in Paris. Plus there where Kardashians there, so that adds a cherry onto the ice crème sundae.

Here's what I learned about Paris Fashion week. And surprisingly, it's not about the fashion, but rather myself: I like to earn things. I'm not going to take something because it's right their in my face or because everyone else is doing it. Laugh at me all you want or call my a hipster, but I find it more rewarding to work for something and earn my way to Fashion Week, not stand on the sidelines crossing my fingers that I'll get in.

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