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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Like many women, I'm TV, movies, shopping, and men play a big influence on my life. One of the shows that has impacted me greatly has been Sex and the City. As a writer myself, I found Carrie to be relatable in many ways. She's a free spirit, old soul, curly locked hair girl, with an impeccable taste in fashion.

This is how I feel everyday in Paris, and yes I might be wearing a striped shirt too right now

Naturally before my trip to Paris I had to watch Sex and the City before I left for my trip abroad. I noted all the outfits that she wore and used her life lessons as a guide for my adventure. Before I left for Paris I had to remind myself that life wasn't going to be like the movies or even an HBO show. No matter how relatable the content seemed, life could not be that great. Yes, I am an optimist but having small expectations leads to (in my opinion) more excitement and adventure.
Flashback to January when I moved to Paris. I'm living at a homestay and had google mapped where I live in Paris. I was told that there was a bar two blocks away from my place, perfect. And then came the moment when I received the perfect movie moment, which I get to live day after day here in Paris. I have the perfect movie view of the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, and Sacre Coeur. All in one balcony view.  I had envisioned myself writing on my laptop, like Carrie, in a small bedroom without a view. And somehow I have found myself in Paris, with a balcony view right now typing on my laptop staring in awe at these monuments. It's no wonder I'm  in love with this city  more and more compared to the day before.

   Of course day to day drama still happens. I have trouble understanding French electronics once and a while, But somehow I've found myself brushing these things as little life lessons and using the phrase "C'est la vie" as my mantra. So far it's worked. And let's hope for the world this new philosophy stays with me for as long as possible. It's weird not having to deal with the hustle and bustle of my day-to-day life in the States. Here, I get to explore the city (or stay in the cover of my bed sheets gazing out at the Eiffel tower) as much as a please. Yes, I do have some work to do, but the majority of it consists of having adventures like Carrie did in Paris.

And don't worry my fashionista friends, I'm showing that American's know how to rock style too. My closet is pretty much an abyss of black clothes with some sparkly pieces here and there popping out. I'm excited to show you all in the next posts what I've been wearing here in Paris. You really have the liberty to wear fabulous clothes here in Paris without feeling overdressed. I love the fact that I have to take the time to go out, making it a special event almost even if it is only finding a restaurant to eat lunch at with a friend.

So call me Carrie because really "I'm in Paris" and it doesn't seem like things could go wrong. I'm in love with this city and all that it has to offer. Here's to all the adventures that I will experience here and France and in the future.

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