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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hello lovelies!

 It's official: I am in France and have been living the dream here. This week I've had some down time and naturally that meant working on the blog :) For my loyal readers thank you for continuing to read and see this blog progress (no matter how long it might take)

Like all so-called artists, I have become inspired in Paris. I've decided that it's time to do things that I enjoy. It's funny how little things such as applying for a job or trying something new can seem so rewarding, and well less scary abroad. I feel as if I'm detached in a sense from my home from here, and in the most positive aspect ever. Trust me, this isn't my rationale for going crazy. Instead, I'm using this so called "epiphany" to help me understand that this distance can be used to my advantage. When I was living in the States I had this feeling as if I was trapped, as if there was only one option for me at home. Here, in Paris I feel as if the opportunities are endless. And, unlike in the States, if one opportunity falls threw there's another even more fabulous door that will open at any second.
Maybe I'm in a state of dreaming here. But I'll use this to my advantage for the moment.

A bit of changes have occurred on the blog and you'll see more in the upcoming future. I used to divide up my blogs- photography, personal, and travel. Now it will all be under this domain. There's a reason why I call this blog a "fusion"-and I think that the tabs on the blog really reflect the different aspects of my life.

Being in the city of fashion and somewhere that's not zero degrees, I will be attempting to blog as many pictures of my looks while I'm here. For those of you who have read my blog before, you know that I have a struggle with blogging about fashion. A part of me really enjoys this while another part loathes it. I feel as if I'm just waiving around what I have in everyone's noses. I feel pretentious in fact. At the same time, I enjoy showing my clothes and what I'm doing in Paris. I love fashion, it's a part of my life and I wont deny it. I'm just right now at odds of how I'm fusing that aspect right now into my blog.

If you have any suggestions, tips, ideas, or comments please help a sister out. I love hearing from you guys and gals and have always appreciated the feedback and conversations I've had with you.

So again, welcome to the new and improved PrincessFusion. I'm excited once again to start a new venture with you all while I'm here and Paris and wherever my adventures take me in the future.


Until next time,

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