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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hey you guys!

Me at Express Yourself Clothing Stores annual Trunk Show
  Finals are finally over (repetitive right?!?) but I am glad to be done with the semester! I learned a lot about communication and social media over the past semester and hope to apply what I have learned from my classes onto the blog. You may have already noticed that from the blog posts that I have done in the recent months. Here are a few things that have happened in my life lately!

1) I've lost now approximately 50 pounds. I honestly can't believe it. I always thought that I only needed to loose about 15 pounds until I had a wake up call realizing how overweight I was. Like I have previously stated, I'm loosing weight for ME. I needed to, obviously. It doesn't take a scientist to figure that out (but maybe a wake-up call from one was needed). I feel better when it comes to the energy that I have (more which means I have more time to work work work!). I bought my first bikini yesterday (leopard) and I'm excited to wear it out in the coming weeks.

2) I have two jobs now! I still work at the Loft and I am loving every minute of it! I just went on a big shopping spree there yesterday and will show you all of my latest looks in the posts to come :) In addition, I have become a manager at a local thrift store doing social media called Express Yourself Clothing Store. PLEASE check us out if you are from the metro area!  We always have our door open for customers at the store and have a wide selection of clothes for this cold weather :)

3) School As you read already, I finished the semester. I have declared my second major- communications. I'm really excited to see where both of my majors (French ) will lead me in the future.  As for now though I am on winter break. I will be taking a J-term class but I choose a less rigorous one because I need a break! I've been really busy with lots of different activities.

4) Other stuff I started singing in a recording studio (eek!) and put one of the songs up on Youtube. I've also begun writing my own original music. I'm really excited to see where this will lead me. I publically can now say that I'm signed with Base79. They have been really helpful in the process of getting to know the 'Youtube industry' and how to create and generate some great videos. My photography has also been going really well! I have several bookings happening this week and have made a blog featuring more of the pictures I take throughout my life on there (check it out!!!). I have a new camera which I received as an early birthday present. I swear its like my child and I cried today at the possibility of it having a flaw. I'm such a worried parent lol.

I hope that everyone has had a great semester and has a wonderful holiday season! I know that I am excited for this great week that is coming up because I have a lot of milestones to celebrate coming up. I hope that you'll continue to follow me on this adventure :)

Love as always

Sabrina Kennelly

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