New cover! Say something

Friday, December 06, 2013

If you are following my instagram and twitter account then you already know that I have been in the studio lately. It is so amazing and nerve racking to be doing so. Here was the first recording I've done of one of my new favorite songs "Say Something". And for the record this was before the Christina version came out but I really do love the simplicity of this song.

A lot of new projects are coming this way and I'm super exciting to be revealing them this next year. I can already feel that 2014 will be fabulous! If I have learned anything from my periodic blogging and adventures via the internet this year is that you should truly go for your dreams. No matter how ridiculous they sound. Believe in yourself and work for what you have always wanted to do.  I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday season-I know I am!

Love to all,

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