Its a Downton Abbey Kind of Night!

Sunday, January 05, 2014

December, I had the privilege of seeing Downton Abbey season 4 BEFORE US audiences. Being a moderately huge fan of the PBS masterpiece series, I was thrilled to be attending the event. As a present for having completed finals, my mother and I attended the event together. I won't give too many hints about what happens tonight for Downton Abbey (for all of you spoiler seekers this is not the place) but I will tell you how the episode has impacted me.

Cardigan: Loft
Shirt: Target :)
Skirt: BCBG
Tights: Spanx

 I don't know how television does this but somehow-as if the writers for the TV show can predict my future and have each and every episode of Downton relate to my life somehow is pure genius. Maybe its my egotistical self believing that everything in one single episode pertains to my life. There's something magical about TV shows-especially one like Downton-because even though the piece is set in a completely different time period without cell phones and Facebook profiles I still can completely understand and relate to the characters. The innovations of technology that are introduced in the show also show how profound these products are-which I had merely forgotten about because I have been accommodated to having them. I argue that Downton Abbey is a reminder of how the past used to be as a well as a act of reflection of how are present world is.
  The show has helped me in many ways. No, I don't use the show as my crutch. But I do use it as a sort of guide for when it comes to relations, as a motivation that I can do better.  Ok that's a really general statement that could be said about pretty much any TV show (other then Hannah Montanna of course). But in all sincerity, that is how I feel about Downton Abbey. There's more though, which pertains specifically to season 4 episode one. Even when you are at your lowest you have to get up and try again. You might believe or see yourself as someone that is considered to be a loner, or someone that doesn't need help, the patriarch. I say that's complete BS. The strongest a person is, is when they admit that they need help. Someone that knows and acknowledges that they need help. This episode reminded me of this fact. Look around you and realize that you have a support system-that will always be there to help lift you up when you need it. Maybe I'm just being cheesy as always, but I truly believe that this episode has helped shaped me in realizing that no one has to face a problem alone. Each and every person has at least one person that they can fight any and every single battle with.

Outfit for the night-Confidence is a must!

Until next time,

Sabrina Kennelly

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