Its time for a change: Things so far

Friday, July 05, 2013

   I always have in my head that the fourth of July is the half way point of the summer. Honestly, I hope this isn't true because I have been lacking sleep (and some precious time hanging out with my friends as well). I love work but it is exhausting me sometimes. My sleep schedule is bonkers and I do not have enough time (or energy for that matter) to socialize. I am so tired that I am rubbing my eyes and yawing every sentence that I type out. Its a good thing that I have vacation next week. Just kidding. My vacation entitles me to chaperone10 high school teens. Not your typical vacation. I'm going to try my best to channel in my Mother-Theresa  and have a halo gracing my head the entire trip. I intend to blog the entirety of the trip. I'm bringing a long my trusty little lap top along to type the journey away. There's something about writing on trains-maybe its the amount of movies that I watch-but that allow me to have hope that maybe I'll be able to write a book in a short 8 hour time frame. After all, the concept of Harry Potter came about on a train. Not that I would be writing something as great as Harry Potter. Or for the matter that I would be even capable of doing so.
    My weight loss journey has been going well. Before my weight loss 'journey' I was scared to even step on the scale in fear of what the numbers were going to be. Now, at least twice a week I check how much I weigh. Better then ever two years, right?!? I know a lot of people have said this, but drinking fluids is the key here (water guys) to loosing weight. I'm now even more addicted to popcorn then ever before as well as salsa because they are so healthy.I know that I still have a ways to go, but I am excited to go back to school and feel (and look) better then ever before. I never realized that I was-and still am-over weight until this year. I don't think it set into my head that I was over weight until there was a possibility in Feburary of meeting my favorite band. I remember thinking in my head " I wish that I was skinnier/healthier when I met them, I'm not ready". Of course this weight lost journey isn't just to impress the Jonas Brothers. Trust me, I've tried that before and it hasn't gone well. This weight lost journey is for myself. Not for the boy in my math class that I have been trying for him to notice me. Not for my parents. Not for the media who says that you need to be a certain weight/size. Myself. The reason for why I'm loosing weight, I believe, is the key reason for why I'm doing so well (and getting results) compared to before. Compared to other times, I wasn't loosing weight for myself. I was doing it because others told me I was fat. Looking back, I wish that I would have realized that I wasn't heavy weight. Instead of eating away at my emotions I should have blocked those thoughts of others out. Instead of going drastic then and only eating 300 calories a day, I should have learned about how to MAINTAIN my weight instead of believing that I could live off of the minimum amount. I am glad that I am at a better place both mentally and physically now and cannot wait to loose even more weight for myself. I have had people tell me that you can never be selfish. That it's "looked down upon" if you do. I don't believe that. When it comes to your health, you should be selfish. You need to take action and get your body in the best condition possible. I hope for any of you guys reading this, that I can be an example of how weight loss is a benefit for people. I have never been more active in my life. I am walking a minimum of 3 miles a day. Biking, playing tennis and volleyball, swimming and even more! Honestly, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to loose other than pounds!
    On that note, here is the list of things that I have completed with some pictures. I cannot believe how much I have done so far. It has been amazing! Cannot wait to complete the rest of the list for the summer!

The List So Far:
1)   Go to a Church that speaks French
      2)      Watch all of the Saw movies
      Send in a resume(s) for a movie/TV call or apply for a modeling agency
      Make a music video
      Re-do my hairstyle
      Go to Disney World
      Get a body piercing
      Make a veggie Jucy Luicy
      Get my driver’s license
   Have a girls night
   Go to Valley Fair
   Read and watch Great Gatsby
   Dress up!
14) Zoo
   Read Black like me
   Go out dancing
   Have a picnic
   Go to Dinkie Town
19)   Go to Uptown
   Scream over a bridge
   Meet a celebrity
   Start writing a book
   Go to the county fair
   Laura Ingalls Wilder Home
  Have a ‘day trip’
   Have a road trip to Ely
   Walk around the Lakes
   Go on a train
   Take pictures of random strangers
   Call in to a radio station
   During the whole summer: Lose weight!
32) Use my Polaroid camera
33) See a cow
34) Go to the MIA
35) Go to Fort Snelling
36) Learn how to re-ride the unicycle
37) Walk around downtown St.Paul
38) Make someone laugh/smile
39) Sing in public (karaoke bar?)
40) Get a stupid teeny-bopper shirt
41) Watch Star Wars
42) Write a letter to my closest friends and family expressing my love for them
43) Giving some money to a homeless person
44) Going to a restaurant that requires you to sit on the group crossed legged
45) Watching belly dancers (and maybe learning some moves!)
46) Go grad-party hopping
47) Go to my little sisters graduation
48) Attend Grand Ole Days
49) Northern Spark Festival
50) Rock the Garden
51) Walk around a lake
52) Go to a Pizza Farm (? I have no idea what this is-sounds interesting to me!)
53) Shakespeare in the Park
54) French Regional Park
55) Look into joining a club
56) Get food from a food truck
57) Aquatennial
58) Midwest Tomato Fest
59) Bike on a trail
60) Art Festival
61) Minnesota State Fair
62) Cities 97 Basilica Block Party (Debatable)
63) Raising money for the American Cancer Society
64) Eat at Truberry
65) Go to Loring Pasta Bar
66) Have a patty at the Cheeky Monkey
67) Go to the Pride Festival
68) Work
69) Make a photography blog/website
70) Make a Likedin account (however you spell that)
71) Look into Studying abroad
72) Get a celebrity to tweet to me (can be an RT)
73) Wear my sunhat out
74) Go to Chicago
75) Go to Purdue Indiana
76) Listen to the band train on the train


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