Its time for a change: Uptown is better then downtown

Monday, July 01, 2013

Having lived in the Twin Cities for about 20 years you would think that I would know my way around Minneapolis. Somehow though, I managed to never truly get to know it. It truly felt as if I was on vacation with my girlfriends getting lost in uptown and tanning on the beaches at the lake. Something as simplistic as laying down in the sun and gossiping with our swimsuits on became a full day activity on Tuesday. What a blast it was! I can assure you that I got a great tan from it :) And of course I swam to cool off the the humidity as well.  Other then the great tan,  I got to see a new part of town and finally ate at the Cafeteria! I felt very grown up sitting on the rooftop with the girls watching the sun set. After all, we are adults so why not be the posh ones? It was by far one of the most perfect days of summer. I know I keep on saying that but it was truly spectacular. I keep on saying this, maybe its a theme for the summer, but its the simplistic things that really truly make you happy. If I learned anything this summer its that. Compared to other years of planning far in advance and stressing about where to go-just going to a whim to the beach made it FUN! The memories of that day will always be in not only my heart-but those of the other gals I shared it with that day as well.

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