The Vacation is over

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

               The title pretty much states it all. Unfortunately, the wifi at the location we were at on the vacation did not work. I know, excuses excuses. So I wasn't able to blog the entire trip. Sad face-right?!? I had a great time and will post pictures tomorrow. Since the trip, I have completed so many things off of my bucket list for summer 2013! I took my drivers test and passed. Honestly, this was one of the most nerve racking things I have ever done in my life. Needless to say, I realized the repercussions of procrastinating. I am also int the works of doing a photo-shoot to add more pictures onto my resume for photography. I'm super excited to be doing this. In addition, I am making a college group with some of my girlfriends and will be the head of this committee. I can already see that this fall is going to be crazy! Which is good, because the more craziness the better. If you saw from my tweets, I stopped by in Chicago. I was trying to meet the Jonas Brothers and possibly play volleyball but my train came in too late. It was devastating. Ok, maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic. Nonetheless, I was saddened that I still haven't met my favorite band. Yes, I know, I'm a hot mess. Here are some pictures of my outfit for the first day of the trip on Monday. Mind you, it was an 8 hour train ride so this isn't a fashion show. I wanted to look cute while in Chicago waiting for my delay but also be casual. I think this outfit was great for traveling because of its versatility (which Minnesotans ace in doing!).I choose to go outside of the train station and walk around for a bit because the train was delayed. I always have wanted to take pictures along train tracks ( I know my inner teeny bopper is coming out!) . There's something about the rustic look and the fact that most of the buildings surrounding the tracks are  abandoned that leave me in awe. So much of our industry in America has changed because of technology in such a short period of time. Hope you all enjoy the pictures of the station before the begging of my voyage as well as the updated list!

The List So Far:
1)   Go to a Church that speaks French
      2)      Watch all of the Saw movies
      Send in a resume(s) for a movie/TV call or apply for a modeling agency
      Make a music video
      Re-do my hairstyle
      Go to Disney World
      Get a body piercing
      Make a veggie Jucy Luicy
      Get my driver’s license
   Have a girls night
   Go to Valley Fair
   Read and watch Great Gatsby
   Dress up!
14) Zoo
   Read Black like me
   Go out dancing
   Have a picnic
   Go to Dinkie Town
19)   Go to Uptown
   Scream over a bridge
   Meet a celebrity
   Start writing a book
   Go to the county fair
   Laura Ingalls Wilder Home
  Have a ‘day trip’
   Have a road trip to Ely
   Walk around the Lakes
   Go on a train
   Take pictures of random strangers
   Call in to a radio station
   During the whole summer: Lose weight!
32) Use my Polaroid camera
33) See a cow
34) Go to the MIA
35) Go to Fort Snelling
36) Learn how to re-ride the unicycle
37) Walk around downtown St.Paul
38) Make someone laugh/smile
39) Sing in public (karaoke bar?)
40) Get a stupid teeny-bopper shirt
41) Watch Star Wars
42) Write a letter to my closest friends and family expressing my love for them
43) Giving some money to a homeless person
44) Going to a restaurant that requires you to sit on the group crossed legged
45) Watching belly dancers (and maybe learning some moves!)
46) Go grad-party hopping
47) Go to my little sisters graduation
48) Attend Grand Ole Days
49) Northern Spark Festival
50) Rock the Garden
51) Walk around a lake
52) Go to a Pizza Farm (? I have no idea what this is-sounds interesting to me!)
53) Shakespeare in the Park
54) French Regional Park
55) Look into joining a club
56) Get food from a food truck
57) Aquatennial
58) Midwest Tomato Fest
59) Bike on a trail
60) Art Festival
61) Minnesota State Fair
62) Cities 97 Basilica Block Party (Debatable)
63) Raising money for the American Cancer Society
64) Eat at Truberry
65) Go to Loring Pasta Bar
66) Have a patty at the Cheeky Monkey
67) Go to the Pride Festival
68) Work
69) Make a photography blog/website
70) Make a Likedin account (however you spell that)
71) Look into Studying abroad
72) Get a celebrity to tweet to me (can be an RT)
73) Wear my sunhat out
74) Go to Chicago
75) Go to Purdue Indiana
76) Listen to the band train on the train

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