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Thursday, April 04, 2013

College is going great! Still a bit tired from Easter, but hey-it's DONE!! I had such a great day on Sunday. Now, it's back to studying and having Starbucks as much as I want :)
Technically it's spring now. Technically. So I've decided. Starting today (since all of my Easter candy is officially gone) it's time to get into shape. I'm helping out in October with an organization at the Xcel and there's a strong possibility that I will be able to meet my idols (eek!). I don't want to say they're the DIRECT reason for getting into shape. But they are a primary factor into why I have decided that I need to get healthy again. Seriously guys, I have been binging on chocolate lately. I'M ADDICTED. To get into the mood of spring/summer I decided to post some styles that I'm excited about seeing/wearing soon!

Until next time,

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