Confessions of a Sophoholic

Monday, April 08, 2013
Recently, I've started working at a retail store. Thanks to my already profound obsession with fashion and shopping this has caused me to become even more in love with going out to the mall and to little boutiques. You can just see from my pictures that I'm having a blast-and who wouldn't?!? Everyone needs a little retail therapy now and then! Even if you can go for 15 minutes into a store, I can garentee that you can have a blast! Shopping is a way for me to blow off steam even if I don't buy anything that day. For a lot of women, they might find that shopping is something that puts down their ego-but mine is the opposite! Yes, sometimes my rolls of fat might hang out of a dress. But I decide instead of mopping to roll with the punches and laugh and how ridiculous I look. Try it! I have had some good laughs shopping. And who knows, maybe one time when you're shopping and thinking you're trying something ridiculous on you'll find that MUST HAVE iteam right in your own hands.
Happy Shopping!

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