Easter/Spring Break/Plus size rant

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Unfortunately, but semi out of sheer luck as well. I fell ill during my spring break. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that means that I stayed in bed for almost the entirety of my time off to relax. Yep. I know. It stinks. But life is life! And I guess relaxation is something I am not meant to do currently-so.....
What to tell you guys?
If you didn't guess today is Easter.
 Here's how my day went
6 am-wake up and get ready
6:45 am -Leave the house for church
7 am-Get to church and make pancakes for about 200 people. Just me and my sister made the pancakes (pre-made batter though of course)
8-10am: Serve food
10am-Go to church
12: Go home
12;15-Take nap
1:50-Wake up to family at my bedroom door.
Yep and now it's 8:11. People have just left the house and I'm in my sweat pants now. Oh yea. Liking the breeze folks. I'm not at all excited for tomorrow. It could be the fact that I know this month is going to be a killer. It's my last full month of college before finals. In addition, I have papers due for a program that I want to get into (of course, logically, it involves writing). I'm nervous as all get out's for this. Like literally (excuse me for my language and if this is TMI) but sharting in my pants 24/7 thinking about it. This program was the main reason why I choose to attend this college instead of any others in the neighborhood. But yeah. I'm nervous. I don't really feel like listing out all the other petty things I have going on because really-I doubt that any of you want to hear it and the last thing that I would want you to think this blog is, it's purpose, is for you the reader to feel sorry for me. Yeah-NO. So I'll just leave you with some photo's of my Easter Sunday outfit.

Almost my entire look is from Forever 21 (Sweet I know). This is the first time though that I bought something in plus size there. I hated just the idea of going into the plus size corner. I was such a brat. Seriously, I was cussing up a storm. My mom was willing to pay for my dress if I would go into the plus size section. For some odd reason, I think that it's kinda diminishing towards my 'ego' to even look at plus size clothes. Yes. I realize that I'm not a size 2 or even 8. But hey. When I think of plus size I think of Free Willy (i'm sorry if that offends anyone but that is the honest truth). Yes, I may stick too many chocolates into my mouth at times but I'm not eating butter by the stick or binging on doughnuts every day. No. So why should I have to go into this section that looks baggy on me still? Don't think so. Honesty, I just felt offended that it looked well on me and that I had to go into the section as it was. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel as if I'm a loner here. And I never see anyone in the plus size section at Forever 21. NEVER. Yes, maybe a skinny girl is on accident there and then realizes that nothing is her size there and leaves. But I go shopping at the largest mall in america and have never seen one girl buy clothes here. Is there some kind of secret order we females have implied to ourselves and others that we can't look/buy plus size clothes? Is this just me being weird. I embrace my body for how it is at the moment. But I do not want to embrace the fact that I'm a girl with so call 'curves'. That's not how I see it. Tell me what you Think. Really. I want to know how you feel about curves; whether you're a skinny or curvy girl. Lay it ON me. Be blunt. Tell the truth!

             Until next time,

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  1. I think it's inspiring how you accept your body for how it is now, even if you might want to change it in the future. I've always had a very difficult time accepting mine. Anyway, that dress looks amazing on you! And the accessories are great.

    1. Thank you so much Rebecca! I'm truly honored to see this comment from you. I hope that if you can take anything away from that, that acceptance is truly the first step. Cheesy, I know. I want to laugh at myself for just writing that but it's true. I mean I could be eating a burrito from Chipotle right now and watch Sex and the City but no. Its those little changes that I'm hoping will help me become healthier. Plus I decided to drink more water now! I really appreciate the support and I'm stocked that you love my dress-I'm still a bit weary on it but I've wanted it for a while so why not! I hope you continue reading the blog through this (hopefully, fingers crossed) great journey!

    2. I will definitely be following, I'm very excited to see your journey! I've been on my own path towards a healthy lifestyle for over a year now, and while it's been difficult, it's also very rewarding. If you need someone to talk to, you can contact me (If that doesn't seem weird...over on Tumblr it's normal, but it sounds strange here!)

    3. Wow-a year is amazing! Yes I would love to get in contact with you and share/exchange tips and words of wisdom!

    4. My e-mail is star604sak@gmail.com


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